Limited Edition Palettes Coming Soon!

Everyone’s favourite blogging duo, Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoos, have some exciting news! Two limited edition make-up palettes are heading our way.

First up is “Night Owl” with everything you need for spectacular smoky eyes – smoky is a Pixiwoo speciality – with three long last shimmer shadows, a matte shadow, a dark gel liner, a perfect finish blush and a highlighter. Added to that, you’ll find two lip glosses. Almost a whole look in box, basically.

The second palette “Modern Natural” has the same number of contents, but different colour-ways – rich and sumptuous browns for velvety eyes and cheeks. It reminds me a little of Kim Kardashian’s smoky-milky-peachy daytime look.

The Real Techniques Make Up Palettes are both totally wearable and user-friendly palettes and a gorgeous entry into the colour category from Pixiwoos. Currently, these are only available in the US (but they will ship) so I’m hoping it’s part of a test-run for a fuller make-up range to come in the future. On the currency conversion, each palette is about £15. Exciting times!

Shipping (from what I can tell on the site it looks like it’s only £1.04 to ship from US to UK in 4-10 working days – but do double check because that seems remarkable low).


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